6 Fast and Easy Hacks to Organize Your Shared Office Space

To be most productive in a coworking environment with hot desks and coworking spaces in Chicago, you must organize your process. Clutter and disorganization is likely to negatively impact your productivity. While working in Wilmette coffee shops is pleasant sometimes when you feel too confined at home, why not purchase a day pass to a luxury coworking space in North Shore Chicago instead?

Is a conference room required or will you have your own space? Meeting rooms and private offices with dedicated desks and even virtual offices are available.

Give yourself room to breathe and be more flexible in your work environment so you can succeed using the following 6 Fast and Easy Hacks to Organize Your Shared Office Space.

Shared Office SpaceGet your workspace in order

Starting with your personal workspace is the best way to get yourself organized if you’re working in a coworking space. Clear your workspace of all miscellaneous papers and dispose of them! You don’t need to hang onto old pens that don’t work, papers that hold no value, and post-it notes that are littered all over your space.

Start with organizing your files into drawers. Label your folders and your drawers so you find some structure in your workspace.

Great use of space is storage baskets if you don’t have shelving. You can use them to store bigger items and make your space more visually appealing. Desk trays also prevent your drawers from being cluttered when you open them.

Adding a couple of trays in your drawers creates compartments and order. You can find them for an affordable price and they work wonderfully.

Use a filing system, colorful labels, to add to your storage space. Whatever you need to do to declutter and make your station productive and tidy.

Go Digital

With so much high speed access available to us to get online, we can use the cloud to help organize our digital files. Storing files in folders on our desktops is a great way to declutter and keep things organized. Although storing all your office files on your computer could be risky if you lost access or the computer malfunctioned, that is why the cloud is trusted by so many for the handling storage of their data.

Keeping your files in the cloud is safe because it is always accessible to you no matter where you are. Set up separate labeled folders on your computer for easy access to documents and a way to keep your space from overflowing with miscellaneous papers.

Go through your email and make filters and folders according to the message type to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of emails you get. By using the filter system to label different types of emails, you can be aware of the priority of the email and know which ones need your attention first.

Configure your workspace

Finding a balance between work and personal life is critical and you can do that by starting with your desk. Get your framed photo stands out, sit near a plant, or open an inspirational quote book that makes you feel more at home and inspires you.

Your space is so important for your productivity and it is important you feel good about where you are spending a majority of your time. Making it personalized to you creates excitement and allows you to make it yours and feel at home. There’s nothing more boring than working in a cold, empty cubicle. Be creative and colorful, make your desk an extension of your work and personal space.

Get comfortable!

Not only is making your space yours important but making your space a place where you feel comfortable definitely adds to how productive you will be during your day.

Ways to make yourself more comfortable:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair that keeps your spine feeling good
  • Use natural light or find a window to work by to improve your dopamine and give you Vitamin D
  • Keep your air clean and bright with scents that boost productivity
  • Make a playlist of your favorite tunes to motivate you as you listen to headphones while working

Keep a Calendar or To-Do list

Keeping a to-do list or calendar is essential to staying on top of the tasks at hand. This will make sure you stay on top of deadlines and appointments and will feel good as you accomplish them and stay on schedule. When you start your day, take a look at your list and plan your day. This will help set the stage for the day ahead and keep you feeling motivated and on top of things.

At the end of the day, you can review your list and what was accomplished and plan for the next day. We simply cannot remember everything and will definitely forget all that is to accomplish when we rely simply on memory. Ensuring you have a list to go by creates less stress and keeps you organized and working efficiently.

Keep it Clean

Making sure you keep your workspace clean is not only important for your productivity, but also for your health. When things are tidy around you naturally you feel better. It creates a positive space that leads to a more motivated you.

As soon as the day is over, put everything away and wipe everything down, or ask the staff to do it for you if that is their policy. Taking the time to go through your workspace regularly and clean out what is no longer needed is important. It creates more space for you and your current tasks while getting rid of clutter that is no longer relevant. Get a trash bin and dispose of the things you no longer need on a regular basis.

Search coworking near me in Google and find a shared workspace that allows you to be productive. With more and more people working from home, it is crucial to get away sometimes and create a space that allows you to continue to do your job in the most efficient way possible.

Coworking spaces are a great way to get you out of the house and give you a new perspective. A comfortable workspace that allows you to be the most productive is crucial to your success. Finding the right workspace can be difficult.

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