Wilmette Coffee Shops You Should Visit This Year

Wilmette Coffee Shops

Consider visiting one of the numerous high-quality locally-owned Wilmette coffee shops, which are all quite close together. Cafés like these offer treats, drinks, and a chance to socialize.

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Northshore coworking spaceCentral Coffee Shop

Central Station Coffee and Tea is dedicated to bringing the community together with its vast selection of Coffee and Tea and homey atmosphere. They vow to serve whoever walks through their doors with the utmost kindness and respect. They serve Intelligentsia espresso and coffee, Kilogram Teas and the best of the North Shore’s pastries and treats, including Local Gluten-free & vegan Chia Leah treats and Defloured- A Gluten-Free Bakery.”

If you are looking for a great place to relax, indulge without remorse and enjoy fine crafted coffee and tea, this is the place to go.

Located at 1150 Central Ave in Wilmette, a convenient 1.5 miles from A Space 2 Work.

The Alchemist Coffee Shop / Alchemy House

The Alchemist Coffee Shop is a local favorite and for good reason. Their laid-back atmosphere, tranquil gardens, upbeat service, and healthy food selections make them a consistent choice for those in the area. Serving only the finest ingredients, they use their “proprietary process to release the flavor of those beans into the purest of water”. Topped off with a low-carb sandwich or gluten-free dessert, you can feel good about this choice.

As if the food was not reason enough to visit, the environment is beautifully designed with a peaceful garden escape, nuzzled in a gated artist’s community, creating a peaceful retreat for those looking to find some inspiration and a good community. This is a great place to enjoy yourself and others while eating deliciously crafted coffee and food in a delightful atmosphere.

Located one mile from A Space 2 Work and bustling downtown Wilmette, find them at 416 Linden Ave #2845.

Sip 22 Coffee Lounge

Opening in 2017, Sip 22 Coffee Lounge is unique in the way that it brings people from all over together in an environment they feel comfortable and inspired in. Not only is their ambiance special, but they also serve delicious coffee as well, roasted right near you from local Chicago companies. They make it their mission to find vendors that share their local approach and believe in their community.

The coffee itself is “influenced by our barista’s specialties from South and Central America as well as favorites from Europe.” This place hopes to foster a coffee community where people can lounge and enjoy a hot cup of expresso in a relaxed setting with peers.

Only 2.8 miles from A Space 2 Work at 2901 West Cermak Road, you can find comfort and a community waiting for you at this Coffee lounge.

Backlot Coffee

The Backlot was inspired by a neighboring town, Evanston, where a community lives within the community called the “Backlot”. This inspiration lives deep within the coffee shop as they strive to create a place where people can enjoy good coffee together, laugh together, and share memories. They wanted to create an authentic community and called it Backlot “because we believe that fences do not make great neighbors and that people desire and deserve open places where strangers smile at one another and lend a helping hand.”

In 2018, they began roasting their own beans and opened a new door of possibilities. Bringing people together with coffee and roasting their own beans was the dream and they definitely succeeded with their own Roastery and Coffee lab, which opened in 2019. The Backlot has created a space where people can go to meet with new friends and old in an environment that encourages warmth and community.

Located conveniently a mile from A Space 2 Work at 2006 Central St, you can foster your professional community here.

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Tous les Jours

Tous les Jours has developed over the years into a known bakery and cafe. With a specialty in French-Asian pastries and treats, they only use the finest ingredients. In French Tous les Jours means “every day”, to represent the baked goods that are made fresh every single day. With over 300 different kinds of baked goods, pastries, desserts, cakes, beverages, and more, this place has an option for whatever it is you are craving.

Located only 2.8 miles from A Space 2 Work at 4999 Old Orchard Shop Center East Ring Rd B-21, this is a great choice with an array of options to get your coffee and breakfast fix.

Convito Cafe & Market

Convito, named after an ancient Italian word meaning banquet or feast, is a great option for lunch, a quick coffee, or even a happy hour! They are dedicated to creating gourmet options in a light and cozy setting. Their menu focuses on Italian and French cuisines, taking inspiration from the countryside with daily fish and meat specials, delicious kinds of pasta, pizzas, appetizers, sandwiches, and more.

The cafe itself is filled with art and perfect for a wine tasting with your friends or a nice date out. You can even purchase food in the store to serve at home, or get an event catered. This is a little gem and a favorite of those in the area.

Located at 1515 Sheridan Rd #5, it is only a mile from A Space 2 Work.

Leonidas Cafe Chocolaterie

Beginning in Ghent, Belgium in 1913, Leonidas Kistakedis brought his chocolates and pastries to Chicago and left a meaningful mark on the town with a reputation of delicious chocolate. Whatever you are craving from fresh Belgian chocolates, French pastries, hot espresso, sweet or savory crepes, Belgian waffles, warm croissants, macarons, smoothies, ice cream, or gelato, you can find it here.

The mission to make the most delicious and high-quality chocolate has been extremely successful as a local staple, and their chocolates are now being sold in more than 1,300 shops around the world. They have over 100 varieties of chocolate, all made from 100% pure cocoa butter. You deserve the best in quality and freshness, and Leonidas serves nothing less. There is a reason they are the best at what they do.

Located conveniently at 1907 Central St, it is only 1.2 miles from A Space 2 Work.